Handy Tips to Last Longer and Contain Premature Ejaculation

In case a man is under-performing when it is time to make love, then there is a high chance that he has considered looking for solutions and tips to last longer in bed. There are many psychological and physical issues that can bring about premature ejaculation (PE) but the good thing is that there are plenty of things which can be done to give the man extra battery life and avoid embarrassing situations. These all include the timing techniques, working on the confidence levels to improve brain power and also having a schedule for sex.

tips to last longer in bed for menReasons why timing is important

When a couple gets a good rapport and have a way of knowing the sessions when they will have sex, the man can always start preparing physically. He can now work on stabilizing his breathing and know the best ways to get relaxed. Masturbating will also give the man some more time because after the first ejaculation, every consecutive sex encounter will be longer. However, the man should expect a lesser quantity of semen to shoot out, something that may be a turn off for some women. Proper timing also lets the couple to guess how much time they can take in foreplay. Long foreplay keeps the couple excited but relaxed. When excitement replaces the anxiety in both partners, there are less chances of shooting it out too soon.

Knowing the woman’s limits for better timing

Sometimes, pumping away for an hour can be a handful if the lady only needs about 30 minutes to get one or two orgasms. It is important for the man to take time and familiarize himself with the lady’s naked body. Touch, kiss and fondle her so that all the sensitive spots on the body are known. This helps the man to know where to stimulate or where to avoid if they are to orgasm around the same time. It is at times like that when people can accurately work on their breathing techniques and find out how to relax their mind and body. Even while trying out other tips to last longer, try out different sex positions to slow down the sensations the man so that he can have extra time when he feels that he is almost due.

The best things to do once penetration is interrupted

The start-stop-start technique is one of the most effective tips to last longer but if wrongly used, the lady can be the one forfeiting her orgasm just so that the man can delay his. Therefore, a man should always keep the woman well serviced even when he has withdrawn is penis. He should still focus on stimulating the woman’s g-spot using his index finger. Amazingly enough, women do not mind showing the man where the g-spot is (in case he cannot find it). It still keeps the lady stimulated and can give her a really powerful orgasm.

Pleasuring the g-spot is easy if one inserts the index finger into the vagina and uses the finger tip to do the “come here please” gesture. Simultaneously, couple this trick with a gentle rub on the clitoris using the thumb and the woman will be excited. By the time this is already in motion, the man would have by then delayed his orgasm enough and hardened enough to continue thrusting.

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